Welcome to Scouting in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire Scouts is providing everyday adventure for an ever growing number of young people and adults. Our membership has increased significantly and with both new groups and sections opening, we provide opportunities right across the county.

If you haven’t already joined, then come and join us for the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities, and for the opportunity for nights away in the UK and in other countries. All of this is not just for the young people but can also be for the adults that work with them to make it all possible.

Whatever your skill or interest, and regardless of how much or little time you have, there’s flexibility for adults to be involved in Scouting, so please get in touch. Our website will give you just a taste of what’s possible as a member of  Northamptonshire Scouts.

The County is Growing

The 2016 annual census returns are completed and the picture across the county is very positive.

The county has grown by 3.9% to a total membership of 7959.

There are still opportunities for growth within the county and, with further support from more volunteers, we can deliver more Scouting to more young people. Flexible volunteering is providing great opportunities for all adults to give as much, or as little, of their time as possible – all support is gratefully received. You can contact your local group or get in touch via this website for details.

Scouting in Northamptonshire continues to grow and offers more young people than ever the opportunities available to them.

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