Today I realised why I scout

For the Beaver terrified of climbing who today defeated the wall and cheered as he got down and ran to tell the other leaders. For the child who learnt to light a fire safely and will be safer in the future. For the Beaver who tried a new food even though they are a fussy eater. The cheers and joy at winning a game played with a bat and ball in a field not using a remote control. The secret whispers so the leaders don’t hear they are awake. The licking of lips in anticipation of eating the cakes they have made from scratch. The tears in my eyes as the Beavers give thanks to their leaders family and friends at the bedtime candle prayer.

I scout to take away the fear of sleeping away from home for the young people, and for their bravery when you see the tears in their eyes when they realise mum and dad have gone.

The lack of sleep, the time and planning the stress make this worthwhile. I am a Beaver leader and I am proud. How many people can say they have made this impact on young people in less than 24 hours.

Yes we whinge and we get stressed. Yes compass doesn’t work DBS, checks aren’t easy and its more than two hours a week, but we make a difference and can hold our heads high because we can be bothered to make a difference.

Samantha Holden
BSL – 34th Kingsthorpe,
Northampton District

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