St Georges Day Awards 2016

Five Scout leaders for across Northamptonshire were honoured at a special ceremony on Friday 15th April at the Pemberton Centre in Rushden. They were presented the Silver Acorn Award which was first gained in 1933 and is seldom given to Scout Leaders with less than 20 years service.

All the Scout Leaders had at least 30 years of Scouting service and have made an invaluable impact to their local community which as contributed to the 6.3% increase in Scout membership across Northamptonshire.


Dave Hopkins – Assistant Cub Scout Leader – 20th Kettering Scout Group – Been involved with the group since 1984. Always willing to help out other Scout sections if required and provides many hours working for the Gang show. Chris Jervis, District Chairman for Glendon District paid tribute to Dave. He said “Dave provides valuable skills to the Cubs and really enjoys what he does”.

Terry Smith – Assistant Cub Scout Leader – 17th Kettering Scout Group – Been involved with the group since 1993 but was in a previous Scouting role in 1980. A reliable leader who is always there if required, he is a very useful person to know and well liked by all. Chris Jervis, District Chairman for Glendon District paid tribute to Terry. He said “ Terry loves working with the young people, having fun and always the optimist”

Anita Summerfield – Group Scout Leader – 11th Wellingborough Scout Group – Been involved with the group since 1993 but was first involved in a previous role from 1976. As well as being a Group manager, Anita also coordinates the training for all Scout Leaders in Wellingborough District which has seen the highest level of increased membership by 9.7% from 2015. Gillian Dowling, District Commissioner for Wellingborough District paid the following tribute “Anita is a great support to me and has created a real family atmosphere within the Scout group. She is also a great supporter of our Gang Show and is a good role model for the young people.

Mike Turton – Assistant Cub Scout Leader – 1st Blisworth Scout Group – Been involved in Scouting since 1981 in various roles. He loves camping with the Cub Scouts and told of his love for Scouting which he joined as a Wolf Cub in 1946. Mike said “I loved being in Cubs but I was told to leave as I could not attend Sunday School. Times have certainly changed since then which has made us more inclusive and helped increase our membership.”

Tony Walker – Assistant Group Scout Leader – Grange Park Scout Group – Instrumental  in setting up the Scout group in 2003. Grange Park Scout Group get really involved in their local community. The Beaver Scouts have recently make congratulation cards for the starter packs prepared by the local charity, Baby Basics Northampton. Baby Basics Northampton provide starter packs filled with basic provisions to new vulnerable mums to be in Northamptonshire.  These mums have little or nothing for their new baby and themselves.

David Laing, Lord Lieutenant, who handed out the awards said “These leaders have over 170 years of leadership experience between them and dedicated their time to the young people in their community. The awards ceremony this evening is a celebration of their service to Scouting and helping young people to become responsible citizens.

Sue Harris, Regional Lead Volunteer added “It is an amazing year for Scouting. Northamptonshire has had the highest increase of Scout membership in the East Midlands with more girls joining than ever before. These leaders and their families play an invaluable part in this success and I thank them all for their time and dedication to Scouting.

Bear Grylls says it best: “Life is about grabbing opportunities. The prizes don’t always go to the biggest, the best and strongest—they go to those who persevere. These are simple life lessons that Scouting teaches people. Everyone in Scouting would like to say a massive well done to these dedicated leaders who help young people on this amazing adventure”

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