56th Are YouShaped .. what did we achieve?

So You shaped activities took part in all three sections at 56th Upton Northampton the week before half term –

The Beaver section evaluated all the badges they had completed and then identified some for the coming term – a peg had the name of each badge and Beavers were encourages to add a piece of paper in the mouth of each peg with a way of contributing to that badge.  We like this idea so much that the pegs will remain on the notice boards at our meeting point with a sign saying – Whats the Big idea? And all sections can add something to one of the pegs at anytime.

Beavers used the parachute as a fun way to get ideas – the ones left at the end on the parachute are taken forward –  And whilst they were at it they decided to give the Beaver leaders some new names – all after animals – something the GSL has been asking for J

All this activity was filmed by the Beavers and put together by leaders as a memory of the evening.

The Cub’s thought it would be good to have a Q+A Session with District representatives, but making sure we had all the relevant questions was a fun and interactive project?

During the week previous we spent the evening making display boards to represent 3 different topics. We came up with,

  • Sport Competitions,
  • Activities available within District and
  • Camps.

While making these display boards we shared questions and discussions with the small groups, and made notes ready for the following week.

On Week 2 we invited the District Commissioner, the District Commissioner for Cubs, as well as Northampton’s 2 Youth Commissioners to come along and hopefully answer all these questions…Well they certainly got a grilling!

For over an hour question after question was fired at them…The Cubs were brilliant and asked so many question along with loads of ideas for both District and Group to follow up.

It was a great project to do, and will be lovely to be able to say to the Cubs “Do you remember when you asked about this, well we listened and now we are doing”..already some of the ideas have been followed up and we have exciting news to go out to parents after Easter.

In the scout section we started again with a quick run around badge selection game to inspire the programme in the new term, then a snowball fit ensured lots of activities to achieve the badges was generated.  Finally the 4 patrols were given the time to come up with a 5 day camp – they choose the theme and activities, but in the knowledge that we wanted something we could make happen.  At the end of the time – each patrol played a Dragon’s Den type scenario, where the leaders (the trusty dragons) were bid to chose the winning camp –

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