Draft Development Plan 2017 – 2019

On the 7 January 2017 Leaders from around the county from all districts and all sections new and experienced, have reviewed and put ideas forward this has now been put together for you to read a draft version.
This is your opportunity to comment upon the draft plan.  Your comments are requested in two main areas;

1.  In relation to the seven priorities identified – is there anything extra that we could be doing that would make a real impact in these areas?

2. In relation to the three specific county areas for development – are these the right ones or have we missed something?

What we don’t want you do is to provide feedback on any grammar etc, as we will sort this out as the versions develop.

Also, don’t worry that the most recent census data is missing; the reality is that this won’t change much, but will of course be added before the final version is released.

To keep to our time plan, I need any comments that you have back to me by Friday 17 March 2017.

Thanks again for your support with this.

You can Download the draft plan here


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