Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

For a long time, the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme (or D of E) has been available for all in Scouting aged between 14-25. Only a few people realised it. but now… the secret’s out!

It’s a great way of helping you get the most out of your Scouting and the bonus! It gives you real credibility when you go for a job interview or apply to University.

You can start at any age between 14-25. At 14 you can start the Bronze Award. You must be at least 15 to start Silver and 16 for Gold. All the info is in the Entrance pack. If there is a group of you please contact the address below and a visit can be arranged that will explain it all!

What do I have to do to get the award?

You need complete only four things to qualify for an award and be able to prove it. They are:

  • Volunteering: This shows that you can think about and help other people.
  • Skill: this section helps you to develop a personal Skill, It could be playing an instrument, Fishing, Car maintenance, the list is endless.
  • Physical Education: This section helps you develop and look after your physical self, It could be a sport or another way of demonstrating a personal training regime; and finally…
  • Expedition: This is the bit Scouts do best! You must complete required training modules, along with a practice expedition, followed by the assessed expedition. The expedition must be assessed by a DofE Accredited Assessor

And at Gold level only, Residential – participants must complete a five day residential experience.

It’s very flexible and you can do it on your own (except the expedition) or with a group of friends or with your school or college. It all counts!

For more information go to the D of E website: www.DofE.org

How does it work with the Scouting Awards?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award and Scouting Awards work together.  If you are registered for DofE then on completing  a Bronze DofE Award, you can move on to complete the final sections of your Chief Scout Platinum Award, find out how ‘The Adventure Begins’ read more here

On completing a Silver DofE Award you can move on to complete your Chief Scout Diamond Award.

On completion  of your Gold Award you can move on to complete your Queen Scout Award (QSA) the highest award for young people in scouting.  You do need to register for the QSA  award before starting the Gold Award.


Further Information

If you want to register for the D of E award at any level please contact Kay Aitken @ dofe@northantsscouts.org.uk or 07469 711 949

For more information go to the D of E website: www.DofE.org